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2ndSpace is an Australian leader in innovative, compact lifestyle and small lot designs. We create detached dwellings that create versatile additional living options, increase your property value and provide rental income.

A complete end-to-end, prefabricated home for your backyard, 2ndSpace is a refined and affordable infill solution for modern, urban needs. Visionary thinking in building systems and precision manufacturing place 2ndSpace and its parent company Arkistruct as Australia’s foremost, nationwide supplier of pre-fabricated homes for guests, grandparents, short or long term rental accommodation, a home office or a teenage retreat.

The granny flat has been re-imagined!

On-site installation in 6 weeks.*

*Subject to site conditions and Terms & conditions

“In a considered response to increased demands for housing, local councils are actively promoting the building of secondary dwellings or ‘granny flats’ on existing residential properties. Contemporary granny flats are being endorsed as one answer to the shortage in affordable housing and rentals.”

Anthony Lee, Sales Director.

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